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3W map of NGOs and services in Lesvos

Download the pdf file (A3 format) here:

Lesvos 3W map NGOs and services 11.07.18

Access the image on the Facebook group Information Point Lesvos for Volunteers:

Link to the post

This map is voluntary work and is now under CC BY-SA 3.0

List of modifications on 11.07.18 (first uploaded on 06.07.18):

– Correction of names: A Drop in the Ocean; Health-Point Foundation; Proyecto Movil Kitchen; Proem-Aid.

– Correction of information: Refugee4Refugees; SAO Association; Help International; Art Bridges.

– Added to the list: Lesvos Lgbtiq+ Refugee Solidarity (Mytilini); Aegean Boat Report (online).

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