The 5 days training for Lesvos volunteers

Edit 15.01.21: we just have created the NGO Humanitarian Designers! We will transfer this training to this new page. If your NGO sent you here, update them with the new link 🙂 We will keep both pages active for a few months to allow a smooth transition. No worry, both pages lead to the same training.


Welcome to the 5 days training for people planning to volunteer in Greece and more specifically on the island of Lesvos.

By subscribing to the mailing list bellow, you will receive one mail per day during five days. The topics were chosen thoroughly after spending two years on the island and realising some lack of information within the volunteers communities therefore each mail will be covering one specific topic:

  • Humanitarian aid: history
  • Humanitarian aid: principles
  • Do No Harm approach, Code of conduct & Well-being
  • History of Greece
  • Context of Lesvos
  • Extra: conclusion and quiz

  • Your mail will be used only for the purpose of the training. Mailchimp is being used as a newsletter provider in order to run the automation. I will delete your data from their platform after you finish the training.
  • Once you subscribe, you will immediately receive your first day training. The next mails will come every next morning so you can read them whenever you prefer during the day.
  • Your email provider may send this and the following emails to spam, as well as deactivate the remote content (images) used by Mailchimp. Be sure to approve them both and add us to your contacts for a better experience.

I wish you a good training and hope this will help you during your time in Greece.

This training is based on more than two years experience living and working on Lesvos. But the training, after consideration, is talking only a little about Lesvos: most of the knowledge is applicable to Greece. So if you’re volunteering somewhere else in Greece, do not feel shy and join the training! It’s free 😉

1 – Condensed information​

The information is condensed for you to learn as much as possible in a limited period of time. Reading the plain text should take you less than 3 minutes per mail. It’s only 15 minutes for a total of 5 training mails.


2 – Time to develop

It took a lot of research to build this training and specifically to find good neutral articles and videos. There are 50 links available throughout this training to be sure you can develop your understanding of any presented topic.

3 – A full doc about the actors of Lesvos

You will also find an essay called “The balance of Lesvos” about all the actors of Lesvos and their interactions between each others. It’s a 60 pages documents that took months to develop: it is structured in the following way:
– One slide describes an actor.
– One slide presents a case study, generally an article, about this actor.
Because I am so happy this document finally came out, here is a direct link for the curious ones. Also if you like graffiti & art, you will be served.

4 – NGOs, it can be implemented
to your training!

As a coordinator feel free to implement this training to your onboarding process. If you want to have a proof that volunteers read the training, there is a quiz at the end of the training which provides a mark. This mark is then sent by email to the participant on a pdf format. As a coordinator of an NGO, you could easily ask the volunteer to forward you this pdf.

Tips: you could even tell participants to directly write your email on the quiz. You could then create a folder and a filter on your mailbox to have all these emails automatically well organised. You might want to insist that the mark is not influencing their participation as a volunteer.

This training doesn’t cover everything and should not be an argument for you to not create and update good content for your volunteers.

5 – Free and independent

This document is made during my time off and free of charge. The use of Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 makes it easy to copy, redistribute, transform, and build upon for any purpose.
Contact me if you have any idea, comment, update to make.

6 – Not only Lesvos!

Map Lesvos


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